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Vannystyle OG Frame Kit

Vannystyle OG Frame Kit

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125 g

The OG Vannystyle Frame by Alex Vanover!

After nearly a year of testing over nine prototypes, me and my team of test pilots finally came down to what we believe to be the perfect all around freestyle frame.

Key Features

The Vannystyle frame has some unique features that make it perfect. First off, the ability to "toilet tank" the lipo battery moves a lot of mass closer to the center of gravity, which results in better overall flight performance. And don't worry if you don't like "toilet tank" style! Unlike most "toilet tank" style frames on the market, the Vannystyle frame will let you mount the battery conventionally!

The 5.5mm thick arms and 2.5mm plates make the Vannystyle extremely tough and able to withstand some really hard crashes. And the mixture of both steel and titanium hardware used to assemble the frame, allows this super durable beast to weigh in at just 125 grams!

Ease of Building and Repairability

As a racing pilot, being able to repair a quad in the field quickly has been crucial to winning races, and I wanted to carry that thinking into the design process for my freestyle frame.

When flying freestyle you tend to crash head on into a lot of things, which can result in a broken bottom plate. This was one of the reasons why I went with a split deck design, so you can simply swap out both the front and the back plate without having to rebuild your whole quad.

However, the most frustrating issue with split deck frames is that when you remove the bottom plate, the whole frame just falls apart and becomes a hassle to put back together. Not quick at all!

But the Vannystyle solves that! We came up with a cool feature called the puzzle piece which fits in a slot in the bottom plate. The puzzle piece holds the arms in place, so you can take off the bottom plate and swap it out without the arms going everywhere. This will save you precious time in the field and get you back to flying in no time.

To add to the simplicity of building, the Vannystyle frame also uses preinstalled M3 pressnuts instead of locknuts for both the arms and the stack screws, which saves a lot of time while building and repairing.

The Perfect Flight Feel

While all of these features help with both durability and ease of repair, the most important part of a frame for me is ultimately how it flies, so we decided to take the design one step further and figure out how we could distribute resonance and vibrations to create better flight performance.

In between the bottom plate and mid plate are two vertical carbon fiber plates, which stiffen the frame up, creating a better overall flight feel.

The frame also keeps the "new" feeling for much longer, since the vertical plates keep the arms locked firmly in place, they're not prone to getting sloppy from screw holes wearing out. This means your quad will still fly like its brand new even after lots of crashes!

Great Mounting Compatibility

In addition to all of these features, the Vannystyle frame has both 20x20 and 30x30 M3 holes for mounting electronics, as well as 20x20 M2 and 25.5x25.5 M2 mounting that suits all the latest Digital FPV transmitters such as the Caddx Vista, and Walksnail video transmitters.



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About The Vannystyle Frame

V for Vanover

The iconic V logo is embedded in the frame's design, with the camera mount being the most prominent.

Locking Mechanism

This innovative feature will let you change the bottom plate without having to take the entire frame apart.

Solid Core

You can't see this one... but you'll feel it! Two unique components inside it's core add an incredible amount of rigidity to the frame!

3D Prints

Need 3D Prints for your frame? Check out these ones made by thepolishcamera!

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Replacement Parts

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