Alex Vanover

Learn how Alex became a Drone Racing Champion and started a new FPV brand.

About Alex Vanover

I began flying remote control planes and helicopters back in 2009, long before I started flying drones.

Back then, FPV wasn't super popular, and I actually didn't start flying FPV until 2013 when I started experimenting with it on flying wings. Shortly after I started building quadcopters and tricopters.

As time went on, mini quad videos started to pop up online, and decided that I wanted to be a drone racer. I started racing in 2016 and trained hard, almost every single day, with the goal of being a world champion one day.

I climbed through the ranks, winning races at the local and regional levels, and eventually made my way to the top of the USA rankings by winning the 2017 MultiGP National Championship.

In 2018, I was still taking part in races around the world, but I also started flying  a lot more freestyle during this time.

Flying more freestyle had a big benefit to racing. It really helped me fly smoother and more cleanly, techniques I carried with me onto the race track in 2019 when I finally accomplished my goal of becoming a world champion by winning the DRL Championship.

After reaching my goal of becoming a drone racing world champion, I decided to focus more on my freestyle flying and take a slight step back from racing.

Freestyle is great because you get the ability to express your feelings and emotions through flight. Because of this, every pilot has their own style, and my style is Vannystyle, a mixture of super technical flying that comes from my racing background, combined with the maximum amount of flow.

As my freestyle game has developed, I felt that the gear I was using wasn't quite cutting it for my needs. In the lack a brand that would give me the confidence to push all the limits while achieving the maximum amount of performance possible, Vannystyle was born. 

As a brand, Vannystyle may be a newcomer, but it originates from years of high-stakes FPV racing and no-compromise freestyle flying.